PulseView Features
Fast and efficient data plotting and analysis!
PulseView 1.3 Features
    • Opens data files for quick display.
    • Opens large data sets quickly.
    • Interpolates data (linear or cubic) for faster viewing.
    • Saves interpolated data.
    • Performs on-demand histograms.
    • Performs on-demand Fast Fourier Transforms
    • Performs user-entered math formulas.
    • Click-to-Point Data retrieval for reading values off of the graph
    • Cursors for reading values and zooming in.
    • Quick stats showing Max, MIn, Mean, Standard Deviation, and the Full-width Half-Maximum Value of the largest peak.
    • Shows stats for user selectable ranges of the plot.
    • Fast re-scaling of data.
    • Sonification of waveforms for audio-based analysis.Screen Shot of PulseView's Histogram

    • Stretchable Form.
    • Program remembers all display settings.
    • Program stores four sets of display settings.
    • Reads text files of all kinds including png and csv formats.
    • Fast replotting of data columns.
    • Fast scrolling though multiple files in a folder (my favorite feature).
    • Updates calculations when scolling through files
    • Change graph properties.
    • Copy an image of the plot to the clipboard, or save it as an image.
    • Associate the file extension with PulseView such that files can be opened with the typical double-click.
    • More to come......

Download the latest version of Pulseview.

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