• Tria: Advanced Image Processing and Analysis Program
  • Decon of an image taken by a Confocal Laser Scanning Micropscope
  • Laser-based detection of ultrasound
  • Our latest version of the Dulican ultrasound photodetector
  • Deconvolution of an image of the Mars surface
  • Application of ImPASS produces Super-resolution
  • Ultrasound wave captured in Jello using GCLAD
  • The start of the March 21 eruption near Fagradalsfjall, Iceland
  •   Quick CARon deconvolution of the eruption.
  • PulseView: 1D waveform viewer
  • Concept for Continuous Laser Generation of Ultrasound
  • Deconvolution of an image of a bowl of fruit

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Latest News: 3/22/2022 We have received news that Dr. Caron's paper on experimental verification of the ability of ImPASS to produce image resolution beyond the diffraction limit will be published in AIP Advances in April.

Tria Version 3.1.80 (32-bit and 64-bit versions) has been released and is available for download! This version adds additional lineout options and a 1D FFT.  See features for a list of all the great stuff in Tria Image processing.

Just for fun, here is our first attempt at applyng deconvolution to an image of a Black Hole (actually the event horizon).

New Research for Laser-based Ultrasound. "Focused ultrasound sensing in water using a GCLAD system".  Dr. Caron is lead author.  See Research.


New to Quarktet?  This is a short description of our terms:

  • Laser Ultrasound--A class of techniques that generate or detect ultrasonic waves in materials using lasers.
  • CLGU--Continuous Laser Generation of Ultrasound.  This is a new method of generating ultrasound in materials using a high-powered continuous-wave laser.   
  • GCLAD--Gas-coupled Laser Acoustic Detection.  A method of detecting ultrasound where a laser's path is altered by the wave passing though the beam.
  • Dulcian--Our custom photodetector made specifically for GCLAD systems.
  • Blind Deconvolution--A class of methods that identify the blur in an image and attempt to remove the blur to restore the image.
  • SeDDaRA--A blind deconvolution method that identifies the blur in an image through comparison with a similar, but un-blurred image.
  • Tria--Our image processing progam that allows for easy application of SeDDaRA and host of other uncommon image processing methods.
  • ImPASS--Image Phase Alignment Super-Sampling--a method of combining a set of low resolution images into a single high resolution image.

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