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Quarktet owes appreciation to several companies which have supported our work with either good advice, good technical support, or resources.  Special Thanks to:
  • Research Support Instruments in Lanham, MD.  RSI provides scientific and engineering support for industry and government groups such as NASA and the Naval Research Lab.  RSI also sells a nice oscilloscope control program called ScopeComm.
  • Digital Optics specializes in producing high performance image processing software which is used all over the world in a myriad of diverse applications. Our flagship product is V++ which is the latest addition to our well known and award winning scientific imaging product line.
  • Neocera serves nanotechnology R&D markets worlwide, semiconductor labs for failure analysis and electrical characterization, and wafer fabrication for process and control metrology.
  • Vortran Lasers makes the Stradus™ line of lasers and have provided a wealth of wisdon for our GCLAD-In-a-Box.



caron@ quarktet.com 

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